Wednesday, January 25, 2012


After Christmas we headed to Florida with Matt's parents, sister and her fiance, Steve.  The weather was perfect...extended time with family was great...and Malin loved every second!  Here are a few pictures...


  1. It looks like it was a fun trip. I'm jealous of your fun in the sun and beach time! And Malin is getting sooo big! I saw your mom at church the other day and she told me that Malin is walking these days. I'll bet she's keeping you busy. Love and miss you and hope to talk with you soon!

  2. So many exclamations to make...
    What a cutie!
    Love her swimsuit!
    What an enormous sand castle!
    I literally giggled out loud when I saw the picture of her falling backwards in the chair--too cute!
    Matt better be good a catching little girls flying through the air!
    Thanks for sharing these pictures!