Saturday, December 11, 2010

oh christmas tree, oh christmas tree! very much i love you...

i realize how silly this sounds, but i am seriously in love with our christmas tree this year! i always love getting, decorating and sitting in front of the christmas tree...but this year seems different. maybe it's because this is the first year that matt and i are sharing a home together...maybe it's because i am finally finished with this semester of grad school, my internship is over for a bit, and little baby b. is due just about any day now...

whatever the reason....i am loving the moments this winter when the sun goes down and i can turn on the lights and just enjoy being cozy in front of the tree....

matt and i actually got to cut our own tree this year...which is something i have never ever done, but always wanted to do. it was one of those perfect afternoons that just never seems to work out, but DID!....the group from camp was gone for the weekend... matt was free to be home... we drove less than 5 miles to a house where the nice people who live there sell the trees from their property for just 10 dollars! they had a saw hanging on their barn and a bucket where you left your money!!! it was super casual... and it was so fun to just walk around in the snow... they even had animals and it was snowing! i loved that none of the trees were perfect...and yet that made them that much better! anyway...enough about my love of christmas trees.... here are some pictures from the day....and of course, our tree in all its beauty!

merry christmas!

Tuesday, November 30, 2010


come, thou long expected Jesus,
born to set thy people free;
from our fears and sins release us,
let us find our rest in thee.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Check, check and check....

only 6 more weeks until baby arrives....or sooner! YIKES....

i seriously can't wait to meet this baby....

in the meantime...i do believe my life has been invaded with lists...lists of things we hope to get finished before this bouncy baby arrives! fortunately, matt and i have been able to cross a few big ones off the list in the last few weeks....and oh man does it feel good.

first and foremost, my amazing, crafty and creative husband has been hard at work putting all of his beloved tools to use! he never ceases to amaze me with his talent and vision....and i am so thankful, not just for his handy-work...but for the joy, silliness and love that he brings to my life. thank you matt!

so here's what matt's been up to:

this is our brand new store all of the things that have been living over in the camp garage...snow tires, bikes, rotatiller (sp?) for the garden, name, it's in there!

the super fancy door on our shed is compliments of was left over from a building that was renovated this past spring...lucky us to get such a beautiful free door!


Lastly, we mounted a huge dalla horse ontop...

no.... but it looked that way when i took the picture! HA! : ) really that dalla horse is hanging by the back door of our house!

next, matt finished building a new changing table for baby b.

i have had that blue dresser from IKEA since my junior year in college...matt built the wooden top and shelves and put it all together so that it is all one piece. it seriously looks like we bought it that way and i absolutely love it! we will have one clean baby on that securely and fashionably made changing table!

my project....which i started a long, long time ago has also finally come to fruition. this summer i began painting all the shutters on our house. WAY bigger project than i first imagined...but also really happy i did it because it looks so great! kinda wish i had taken some "before" pics...but never did. oh well. i also painted the back and front doors!

our front door!

....and back door and deck!

lastly, i have been growing this baby to be and it has wiped me out! i am also trying to finish up my second to last semester of grad school without totally losing my mind and compile enough hours for my internship! i am really looking forward to being done with school and spending time at home with matt and baby! - even if it is more exhausting than the crazy schedule i have had all least i will be with people who mean the world to me!

Monday, September 20, 2010

Oh Baby!

i am not really one for big announcements.... but it has become increasingly obvious that matt and i are expecting a baby! we are SUPER excited.... and are expecting this little one to join us at the end of december! today marks week #26....only 14 more to go!

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Mackinac Island!

a few weeks ago matt and i went to mackinac island. i had never been there...but everyone in michigan seems to think that if you haven't ever should. it was really fun! there are no motorized vehicles on the whole island so the only ways to get around are by either bicycle or horses! it was absolutely beautiful and a sweet time away after the end of a busy summer!

Sunday, August 8, 2010

Ruth & Kyle's Wedding @ Keystone!

Ruth & Kyle's Wedding Weekend!

This past weekend I went to CO to see my dear friend Ruth get married! I also got to spend the entire weekend with some of my most favorite women in th
e entire world. It was the most refreshing and enjoyable time away catching up with incredibly dear friends and spending time in some of God's most magnificent creation!
The tag line for their wedding weekend was an invitation
to experience the wonder of God's creation, the joy of community, and the unity of love. That couldn't have been a better description of all that we encountered during our time spent together! Thanks for a fun and memorable weekend Ruth and Kyle! Love You Guys!