Friday, June 18, 2010


not that i am accustomed to drinking mimosas every day.... BUT.... my newest favorite drink this summer (since beginning a totally new regimen for my diabetes & baby on the way!) has become....

OJ + diet Squirt!

matt is actually the one who introduced this delightful drink to me when he poured me a class of orange juice and realized how little OJ i can now drink. (*note* orange juice is one of my most favorite beverages) sooo... he surprised me when he delivered what looked like a FULL glass of orange juice...and tasted even more amazing than my ordinary vice. so ordinary... yet so yummy! definitely my new drink of choice!

(i also recommend diet tonic water + limaide! on ice... introduced to me several summers ago by my sister-in-law...sarah!)

p.s. matt and i are expecting a baby at the end of december....hence the much ado about food and drink selection!!!!